Alexei Orlov – A global Marketing positioner

The world does always remember the great men Alexei Orlov and he doesn’t fail to mark his presence in this world. Initially, Alexei Orlov was filled with thoughts that he is going to become a priest as he started his leadership in the church. It was his dream to be a specialist in his work it never failed in his life the first job remains to be merchandise after leaving the seminary. Even though the business field was quite impressive Alexi always looked for the positive and high future-filled side which is nothing but creativity. By engaging himself in the creative works and high operation works he was early to reach his first hub to his successful destiny. Nothing is greater than a craving for success the same thing made Alexi take the position of global leadership and made himself a challenge to be an entrepreneur.

The journey of Alexi job roles: 

If you check on to his business ground base it starts from MCW and ROCQM these companies are specialized in brand expanding strategies and commercial recovery. This is where Alexi got his exposure to brand expanding strategies and got a well perfect field to involve his creativeness. His work got him acquisition that capital is the thing that does with buying. Once he found the secret of the other side of this merchandise business, he got numerous global positions where his plans and execution gave a big hit. Among all the best ones is he worked as a senior advisor to CEO and chairman of das which an international Omni group company division. Here is the moment Alexi took responsibility for the whole marketing and brand positioning for all portfolio of Volkswagen brand that too all over ASIEN and greater china. This how Alexei Orlov proved his leadership response towards the business in a smart way. If you check on the company Alexi works it will be a valued list which is given below.

Alexi Orlov activation towards his career

  • A senior adviser to the CEO and Chairman of DAS
  • Response of commercial excellence of Volkswagen’s regional business
  • Worked in core executive team of Volkswagen
  • Global brand communications director for Volvo Cars
  • Marketing director for Volvo UK
  • Marketing director for Avon Cosmetics Retail Europe
  • Member in the founder of Paperchase Retail Group

Likewise, his growth goes on and he ends up as founder and CEO of MTM Choice where Alexi Orlov is a senior advisor for several companies. Along with advice he also coach and give training to leadership team to enhance the operation and brand communication. Because of all these, he made his life as a business and vice versa in global marketing!