Buying the Right Type of Vape Pen

The fierce competition between manufacturers has simultaneously led to an explosion of new delivery categories and a decline in wholesale prices. These two factors, in turn, have helped to significantly increase the number of potential customers. Thousands of enterprising steam enthusiasts saw the incredible opportunity in this market segment and opened their own retail stores.

There are a few large consumer vaporizer retailers across the country, but most of the stores are locally owned and operated. These are the business owners we love to work with and most support. We have designed our wholesale store to meet the specific needs of local business owners. Find out how we can help you make your business more popular and profitable.

No minimum order quantity for our steam wholesale deliveries

One of the biggest barriers to entry for smaller vape businesses is raising enough capital to properly fill a small business. What makes it even more difficult is that many wholesale suppliers are only offering their services and deals at reduced prices to big budget buyers by implementing a minimum order quantity (MOQ). Unless you have the cash to place an order over $ 10,000, they essentially don’t want to partner with you. We understand how frustrating this is and how negative it is for local vape shop owners.

Why should you be forced to order 200 sub ohm tanks for wholesale prices when you only want to sell 20 per month? To ensure everyone has access to wholesale prices, we do not have a minimum order requirement for any of our vape supplies. That means you can only allocate your budget to the products that you need. We want aspiring entrepreneurs to be as competitive as everyone else, and our policies provide that opportunity.

Stay connected with the latest steam innovations

The easiest way to stay competitive in this ever-changing industry is to stock up on the latest vaping items. Offering the most innovative vaping accessories is a surefire way to attract new consumers, encourage repeat sales, and build customer loyalty.

Our wholesale items website is constantly updated with mods from reputable manufacturers, Jak disposable, and every other category of product you can think of. Our passion for offering the best of vaping products combined with our lack of MOQ makes it easy for any store to stock the latest goods.

Our staff will work with you to maximize your wholesale order.

Everyone we hire is a steam fanatic. They are obsessed with keeping up with industry trends and are happy to share their knowledge with anyone who asks. Whether you have questions about how a product works or what’s going to be popular in the coming month, our staff is passionate about helping you create the most effective wholesale order for your business.