How do you create a story with an Episode app

The episode is one of the popular videos game which is used to create an interactive story developed by pocket gems. The application is created with the best features and many used this platform for creating stories. Generally, the games are developed with the high programmed language by the game experts. But in this app, you can develop your game storyline without the knowledge of coding.You can find many interesting stories where millions of people registering with this app to express their creative stories. For the best gameplay, you need gems and passes to assess various resources. But many would not buy due to its higher costs. The free gems on episode are applicable when you read the story for the first time.

Create a new story:

  • Download the episode app, sign in by reading the terms and conditions. Then start creating a story which should be created part by part. When you creating the first scene then select the background which is listed on the screen. You can choose the best background which suits your storyline.
  • The story can be in any form like Romance, Drama, Adventure and more. So, customize the characters of each scene by choosing the genders and even you can change the skin tones of the characters.All your characters can be saved with an identity of name.

How do you create a story with an Episode app

  • Then for creating the first beat insert the charactersand you can set their positions. You can fix the facial expressions and the emotions of the characters. For the best outfits and sources use free gems on episode. While the first character is speaking then add the next character.
  • By setting all positions of the characters you can preview the story of the first beat. With the same steps, you can create the next scene. After finishing all parts of story preview the full story before sharing.

Share your story:     

After completing a masterpiece you can share them with others. Before sharing the story you have to fill out the form with story title, genre, name and description of the story. Now, it is ready to share the story in any social media app.

Episode game is one of the interesting game which will be very helpful for the storytellers. Thus, you can make the game more attractive with the help of tricks and cheats. With the help of reliable cheat provider, you can create the best story and can attract the millions of fans.