There are thousands of people who flock to the Sunshine State every year. They enjoy its sandy shores and sunny weather. Aside from the lack of state income tax, there are many reasons why a lot of people prefer to call Florida their home.

Fantastic beaches

Florida has the world’s best and most wonderful beaches. Residents can enjoy these as soon as they step right outside their doors. Well-known beaches include Pensacola Beach, Delray Beach, and Clearwater Beach. Sarasota’s Siesta Public Beach, the number one beach in the United States, is also in Florida.

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity in Florida is one of the reasons why it is so amazing. People of every age, religion, and background are all over Florida. It is one of the greatest melting pots in the country and it is nice to interact with these people. Latinos love its coastal location so it is no wonder there are many of them in this state.

Full of activities

Florida is usually sunny and warm, making it great for outdoor activities. There are activities like water sports and cultural experiences available to everyone. Swimming, boating, paddleboarding, and scuba diving are among the favorites. The crowd also has easy access to Universal Studios and Disney World.

Cost of living

Living in Florida is very affordable. Brad Dahler, a real estate agent, helps people find a perfect home in Florida. Florida offers goods, services, healthcare, and housing lower than the national average. The total cost of living in this state is a point lower than the national average.

Sports culture

Florida provides an intense sports culture. It even has three professional football teams while others only have one or two. The state also has two professional baseball teams and two professional hockey teams. There are also two professional basketball teams based in Florida. It is home to Jacksonville Jaguars, Orlando Magic, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and more.