Ryan Kavanaugh: The Face Behind Relativity Media

With the advancement in technology globally, there has been a shift in the manner in the movies, and television shows are produced now. Since the past few years, the media has contributed to bringing the content in over the top (OTT) platforms. The benefit of using these platforms is that you can stream your favourite movies and shows anytime and from anywhere. There are many advertising and media companies across the world that have also contributed to the way you can watch your content. Relativity Media is one such company that is based in the United States. You will come to know more about this company and Ryan Kavanaugh Video that talks about relativity media further below.

Relativity Media: Some Light Into It

Relativity Media is an advertising company that was co-founded by Ryan Kavanaugh. This company majorly deals with the distribution of movies. There are seven divisions under this company which are

  • Relativity digital studios- This division comprises a digital team that is involved in the production and editing of the web series. The graphics team in this division also contributes to adding special effects to the series.
  • Relativity studios- This is the largest division of relativity media that dealt with the production and distribution of movies. Around 200 movies have been distributed and financed with the help of this studio. Ryan Kavanaugh Video discusses about its media company.
  • Relativity media home entertainment- It provides the availability of all relativity media produced movies in different platforms like for downloading, streaming using DVDs, etc.
  • Relativity sports- This division deals with providing world-class athletes for different sports. It is one of the well-known sports agencies globally.
  • Relativity education
  • Relativity international
  • Relativity music

Ryan Kavanaugh Video

In his video related to relativity media, Ryan Kavanaugh discusses the advancement in making movies since 1916. He mentions how movie-making models suffered losses in the past because of the greater risk involved in earning profits after a movie’s production. With the help of Ryan Kavanaugh’s movie production company, relativity media, the partnerships with other movie production companies increased manifold. This leads to a decrease in the risk and less spending of money in producing a movie.


Therefore, you can trust the ventures introduced by Ryan Kavanaugh to witness the advancement in the technological sector. With relativity media, movies produced by his production company are available in television shows. This greatly contributed to his movies earning a huge amount of money compared to the money invested in their production.