Alexei Orlov believes that his business career did not just started one day. It has been developed through a series of experiences and skills acquired from different companies. He started his business life by working as a merchandiser   where he used it as a channel to begin developing all of his essential professional skills

Alexei orlov business progression path 

Before he became capitalist as part of Volkswagen’s excellent leadership team, he led the company’s financial accomplishment in the China division. It was well known that he was responsible for brand veracity and the marketing of the major brands in the organization. With widespread experience and contributions to marketing, he was awarded the CMO of the Year in the ASEAN market handed by the World Brands Congress.

Furthermore, he was the owner of MCW and ROCQM, both companies that concentrated in branding approaches.  Additionally, he was   appointed by Avon as the marketing director becoming the youngest person ever to have held that position. Also, he was among the founding members of the Paperchase Retail Group, where his zeal for branding and communication started.


Alexei Orlov founded and at the same time became the CEO mtm choice worldwide, Boutique Holding Group, in the year 2017 having gained more than 20 years in the global marketing and international business division.

Currently he is a proven professional in global brand strategy, operational change management and marketing execution. As an experienced leader in global marketing, he has accomplished greater success. In 2018, mtm choice attained $ 30 million worldwide after only two acquisitions

At the moment, in mtm choice worldwide, he is the most   trusted advisor to different companies worldwide. In this position, he trains and helps the management team to solve emerging business challenges, from operations, branding and communications.