Top 3 ways to earn bitcoin without investment

Many people believe that investment takes a lot of time so they prefer quick ways to earn money. If you are also one of them who don’t believe in investment but want to get free bitcoin then you must have to research about it. You will get a lot of online methods which will provide you good bitcoin amount without any investment. But if you’re thinking to start work working with any site without knowledge then you have to pay fun token price also. So you have to be very careful while dealing with any site.

These are the top 3 ways and they will help you to get the free fun token price:

  1. Participating in authentic airdrops 

Let us tell you airdrops are the free distribution of cryptocurrency, it is done for the marketing of a crypto project. But nowadays the scams and frauds are increasing very rapidly so you do not have to trust any site. You have to go with only trustworthy and popular airdrops. Because fake or fraud airdrops will steal your details which is not safe for you.

free distribution of cryptocurrency

  1. Participate in affiliate programs

You will get a lot of websites on the internet which provide you affiliate options and reward you through bitcoin on every sale. You must have to check the background of the site before joining its affiliate programs. And don’t forget to read all the guidelines provides by the site related to the affiliate option.

  1. Earn by completing tasks 

There are lot of sites which provides you simple task like referring sites, doing an assignment, copy paste work, and a lot more. And if you do these works then you will be rewarded by the site through bitcoin. This is the best bitcoin earning option if you are a school or college student. But check and research well before joining any site which pays bitcoin for completing tasks.