Understanding The Market Change That MoviePass Created

It is always a difficult subject to consider when talking about the impact of a company. People are often confused about a particular company’s legitimacy if it is not something deemed to be mainstream. However, plenty of non-mainstream industries pave the way to what you consider generic or common nowadays.

You might find yourself thinking that companies such as Disney or FOX are the only companies that matter in the grand scheme of media control. However, most of their revenue and production stems from ideas and concepts that originated from other companies. Not only are these larger companies taking concepts from others and making them mainstream. Some mind-breaking and industry-shaking ideas are usually forgotten or ignored by the vast majority due to them not being as popular as others.

One of the most famous examples of a company that shaped how the world values one aspect of the industry, the movie-watching industry, is none other than Moviepass. This simple concept made the idea of heading on over to the movies more manageable and more affordable than ever. You do not have to succumb to the troubles of paying a large sum to see a movie with your family. Instead, you can subscribe to their application and have movie tickets fall right into your pocket.

The Business Model

The entire prospect of paying for a subscription to watch a film may be counterintuitive to some people. After all, what point is there to spend money every month if you are not the type to watch at a cinema? The beautiful thing about this entire business model is that you would only need to pay for a certain amount depending on your movie choice or number of films.

Some people would consider taking this concept and use it to watch as many films as possible. Since the subscription payment is something that you would pay every month, you can find plenty of uses with the number of releases on that particular month. This subscription model to watch films at select times started the trend that paved the way for various new companies to rise, such as Netflix.

One of the reasons why Moviepass should always be considered crucial in history is its ability to bring back the importance of value that most cinemas fail to realize. More importantly, the freedom of choice and more value-oriented options are once again back in every individual’s mindset.